Sunday, 5 June 2011


Well, I don't know about you guys but Sundays is one of those days when I always feel I should try to cram loads in as I have work on a Monday, but the day never seems long enough and before you know it we are back to Monday. 

I thought I would leave the weekend with another poem for you, this one I wrote for my husband 60th but you can adapt it as you will.

So, sixty years and just a little grey
your smiling face still makes my day
loving and tender  you set my heart on fire
its always been you, the one I desire
age may change what the eyes are seeing
but what I love is your inner being
to me you're still as hansom as you ever were
strong and generous that's for sure
you make me laugh, you make me smile,
it's you that makes my life worth while
whatever your age you are perfect for me
The man of my dreams you'll always be

And here our latest card that has just been uploaded to Craftsuprint.

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