Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I had to go to the hospital today with my husband for knee x-rays, as an old para-trooper his knees need a bit of repair. While I waited I made up this poem for people of a certain age and over, whatever that is.

 Age is just a number you know, Whatever all the records may show
Your tits may have dropped, and your belly popped
But heh what's new, they haven't a clue,
Just get up and show them what you can do.
You're toothless, it's vile, you're frightened to smile
But that's no excuse, to be a recluse
Get up and go, play fast and loose.
Your wrinkles are showing, your legs are bowing
Your feet are flat and your bum is fat.
But your health is good , you don't scoff much pud.
You eat all your fruit and veggies,
Who cares what your told, Of course you're not old
You're just a bit frayed round the edges

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