Monday, 18 July 2011

Silly Poem

A friend of mine said she was depressed because she was approaching 30. What a laugh my 30th was so long ago it's lost in the mist of time. So I wrote this poem for her

Why be depressed at thirty, you're almost reaching your prime
So just grab life by the balls, go out and have a good time

In another ten years you'll be forty, you're wasting your time if you rue it
Life's just beginning at forty, don't think about doing it , Do It.

Fifty could be tricky if you let it get you down,
So get yourself some red paint and go and paint the town.

Sixty just gets better, you lose your inhibitions
Who cares what size your bum is, you've tried all the sex positions

At seventy, well now's the time, if you want to stay healthy and sane
Get yourself a Toy Boy and do it all again.


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